Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SEI Read Along Dates, Times, and Chapters

Welcome back!

Thank you for voting in the poll. As you can see, Wednesday nights and Sunday nights are the top two choices. We'll meet Wednesday nights at 9:00pm EST to read one chapter. Sunday nights will begin at 7:00pm EST to read two chapters. I have two hours sectioned off for Sunday night's two chapter read, but I'm sure it won't take anywhere near that long. I also chose to move Sunday night's read along time to 7:00pm (instead of 9:00pm) so as not to interfere with anybody's True Blood viewing.

The read along begins one week from today.

I created a calendar to help keep track of what days, times, and chapters we're up to. If you like, feel free to contact me (Twitter, Email) with your email address. I can input it into the calendar, and it will automatically send you reminder notices.

If you have any questions, feel free to use any of the above (or my personal Twitter) to contact me.

See you guys in one week! :D

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