Friday, July 9, 2010

New Blog!


As you can see, I've been working away on the blog, changing the layout and adding more stuff to it. I'd like to thank the Skype Besties for keeping me from pulling my hair out when things didn't go my way and to Christie for making the suggestion that kept me from scrapping the whole thing. O_O

First thing you'll notice is that the address for the blog has changed. Instead of, it's now

Second thing you should notice is the menu on the left side. That will take you to the page solely dedicated to C, CD. In addition to that, you'll notice that I have a few other pages that aren't filled in yet. Time After Time and Look After You are two fics that I have in the works. As C, CD will be my only RPF, these two fics will be E/B. The only thing I'll say for these two, as far as plot goes, is that TAT will be extremely angsty and LAY will be Alternate Universe. *wink* I'll start posting in Outtakes once C, CD is complete. I'll continue to add to it once the other two stories start taking off. One Shots will have sporadic posts. I Beta is dedicated to fics that I'm currently betaing. Goodies will include, as you can see now, banners and anything else that I may create or others may create for me regarding my stories. :)

Third, this page will be used for posts not related to any of the links to the left. Things such as teasers, Extra Goodies, and Follow Up posts will go in their respective story pages.

Finally, I just wanna say that I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get Chapter 20 posted. Even though I had about 75% of it finished when Chapter 19 posted, I wrote it way back in the day when I first started C, CD. My writing style's changed since then in addition to having to rewrite or rearrange events to go with the past 19 chapters. SuperBeta has informed me that Chapter 20 will post on Monday morning. As per the usual posting schedule, I'll have a teaser up on Saturday and the Extra Goodies posted on Sunday.

One more thing before I skidaddle: Reality Rebellion is STILL taking nominations for the RPF awards. If you haven't done so already, PLEASE stop by and nominate. RPFs and their authors don't get the recognition they deserve. Whether you vote for C, CD or not, just make sure you fill that ballot out. Do it! or @Christie_U will chase you down with my staff of infection, @tellme_thetruth will launch churros at you, and @Sweet_D2 will blast Bieber in your ear til you scream. You may think I'm joking... So, make sure you go HERE to get your nomination on. Make sure you also follow @RPF_Awards for updates on the awards and the other goodies they're coming out with. If I'm not mistaken, they're looking into interviewing RPF authors as well as hosting an RPF one shot contest. If you're interested in judging, have suggestions, or wanna participate in any way, make sure you tweet them and visit the site.

Con Amor Siempre,