Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fandom Appreciation Day!

Ok, so I did a half-ass job earlier today of telling peeps just how much I appreciate them, but Fandom Appreciation Day is all about the full-ass. Wait... That's not how I meant it. Or was it? Dun Dun Dun!

First, I must acknowledge the C, CD readers. When I first began writing this story, I was terrified out of my mind that it wouldn't be well-received. To be honest, I didn't even expect to have one person read it let alone like it. Let's face it - it's not lemony by any means. Most of today's popular Twifics and RP fics are all about the lemons. But, for whatever reason, you guys understand that I wanted to keep this on a realistic front. Chapter after chapter, you demand more just like Oliver Twists but with vaginas and your porridge is Jackson. I know you dirrty hoors wanna see Jackson drop trou and get his squirrely-wig freak on, but you also understand that this fic isn't necessarily about that. You get that insecurities are a bitch, that Iris is a normal person fighting her own demons, and that the smallest words and gestures are what matter for her. Also, for you to put up with what is supposedly called "writing" is HUGE. If you wanna know what real writing is, visit the links to the right. -->

The C, CD reviewers: aami-cullen, Alexandra, Alexis.Danaan, and miles to go before i sleep, ashley920, aznpixie, BabyGeek319, Bitemeplease, cakemom_08, chikkalaura, clh20, dancing-echoes, darkstar, Djanga, echelon72, edwardluva84, ein_gutes_leben, fadingstarlite, FrankiLynn, Frootloop311, gallifrey, GreenEyes22, gublercullen, Jacksons lildarlin, JLBMOctober, Kaitie28, Ken_Doll, Little-lamb, longdistancewinner, Love-joy Cullen, MaryJ, Mommy02, monica1981, Moody One, neese96, Nicola-Tee-, oliveok, Orion/OryonUK, PurpleMeltDown, reaper07, rosela, roslyn89, scottslass, Sense, stitchcat, sunnihabibi/PaolosNutini, SweetSunnyRose, TwiCarol, Tumbleweed, twilight_dancer, WolfGirlNic, zoeee

The C, CD Twitter Hoors: GallifreyReject, MiraTL, Kymberlina, TwiCarolS, misskikieg, Rrosela, Klalo, Ljubljana_Vel , kiwiclovergirl, sharimg, sunny3282, ladyval05

Special shout-outs:
GallifreyReject/Gallifrey - You were the first enthusiastic supporter of C, CD and I will always love you for that. You keep doing that fake cough thing and asking for the next chapter and the next... I'm starting to wonder if you have pneumonia. Maybe you should get that checked out. <3

Orion/OrionUK/Kymberline - You are quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to C, CD. You read, review (on both sites!), and then spend ridiculous amounts of time with me on Twitter. Seriously? We need hobbies. LOL! I meant what I said about the cheerleader thing. And I heart you forever for it. <3

TwiCarolS/TwiCarol - On what was one of the worst C, CD self-esteem days since I started writing, you came in on your fluffy cloud and unicorn to put an end to my emo bullshit. For you to say what you did it just... I don't even have words for it. You *points* complete me. <3

MiraTL/Sense - OMJ, my little Jacksonite hoor! Where the hell do I begin with you? You are like one little ball of horny for Jackson and I love you to death because of it. I could spend all day on Twitter just tweeting about the most random shit and I'd complain that there aren't enough hours in the day for it. I wuv you for wuving C, CD. <3

Second, much love and adoration goes out to lizmynameis and tellme_thetruth for writing two of the greatest Jackson fics I've read. Everytime I see an update from either one of you, I squee and am convinced an angel gets its wings. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your stories. <3

Third, a hug and a box of kittens goes to Emotina/banana_pncakes7. C, the work that you do with The Woods is right up there with Wonka's golden ticket. With the exception of Wide Awake, The Woods is the best thing I've read (and I'm only putting Wide Awake above yours because hers is completed). You put up with my daily fan-girling, always have a wink and a smile in your tweets, and break my heart in the greatest of ways with your writing. I can't tell you how much I adore you and your talent. So, please never stop writing The Woods. I don't care if Bella and Edward are, like, 147 or whatever. :P

Finally, to my future jailmates: Klalo, Kymberlina, Ljubljana_Vel, LISAANDREWS23, MiraTL, Paranolia, Gozdess, and one biffel named Suzy. #OperationKidnapGuBoneGardTinson will indeed be a success. I am finalizing blueprints as we speak. Suzy has volunteered to bail our asses out of jail should we get caught. I know peeps who can act just like the lawyers on Law and Order so we're covered there. I read some earlier tweets regarding heels and blush. I have no idea what they're about, but I'm sure you hoors are devising plans. Things we need to pull this off: Someone to choose our outfits for the heist, someone to decide what make-up we sport, a location where we can hide the boys (ahem, MEN) that won't be raided by the cops, someone to charter a helicopter (just in case), someone to either make or obtain chloroform, and someone to gather rope, pliers, a cowboy hat, ketchup packets, headphones, 1988 Happy New Year hats (with fringe, please), 4 ziplock bags of wood shavings, the H volume of Encyclopedia Brittanica, a soda straw, 4 dimes, 17 pennies, 2 $1 bills, a copy of Ferris Bueller's Day Off on VHS, a tube of Hello Kitty lipgloss, and the Twilight board game. I found out that Skarsgard declared he would follow us of his own free will (see THIS tweet for confirmation). I feel we can use this to our advantage. I will attach a powerpoint, complete with photoshopped nekkid pics of our boys for inspiration (not that we need it but just cuz it's fun and dirrty), with the blueprints when I've completed them.

With all that shit being said, I heart you all. I'm thankful I can call you friends and fellow members of the Fandom. "My name is Iris and I'm a TwiHard."

P.S. Major love to The Meyer for creating characters that make us read and write and fan ourselves (but you shouldn't have done the fade to black, woman! I need sparkly peen!). I'll even give some love to Cougar Cathy for picking REALLY hott guys to play their parts. CC, you WILL be invited to J and I's wedding. *firm nod*

Con Amor Siempre,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Changed My Mind... Screw Em!

Oh, the things I realize when I'm hopped up on Tylenol PMs and wake to a strange review...

So, I know I pretty much made the decision to move C, CD to TWCS from FF.Net not two days ago. Well, I'm back to undo that decision. I realized that by making the move before anybody said anything about it or even reported it I'm giving in to "The Man." And to quote Empire Records, "Damn the man!" I have a happy home at FF.Net. I met Carol and Gabby and Sunny and a slew of other peeps on that site. I have too much invested in C, CD there and the friendships I've come to gain to just give up before the fight has even begun. I did take precautionary moves, however. The list of assholes was made available to me and I blocked them from reviewing, PMing, or having general access to my account.

The other reason I made this decision is, because, after my med induced coma, I woke to my first review on TWCS. As always, my heart jumped and I squeed a little. Then it hit me just how far I've come from first posting C, CD on FF.Net and Twilighted. I'm 28. I'm too old to start over. I just don't have it in me. I think I have arthritis and am in the beginning stages of alzheimers. My eyesight's going, too. I don't have the will power to get C, CD up and running on another site from scratch.

So, in conclusion (didn't you hate it when professors ended class like that? I did), I am keepinig C, CD at FF.Net until "The Man" says otherwise. And by the man, I don't mean those snotty, douchy douchebags AKA The LU. C, CD will stay on Twilighted. C, CD will continue to be updated on TWCS just in case The LU gets it pulled from FF.Net. The blog, of course, will stay. I'm loving this too much to give up.

"Damn the man! Save The Empire!" *fist pump*

Con Amor Siempre,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



It took me all of 30 minutes to do it, but C, CD is up on TWCS:
My Profile
My Table Of Contents

I have decided that Chapter 12 will be the LAST chapter I post on FF.Net. After that, I will wait til Chapter 13 is posted on Twilighted and TWCS before I remove it in its entirety from FF.Net. As much as I need to do this, I hate the thought of it. The greatest reviews and words of encouragement I received were on this site, and I desperately hate to lose them. I will, however, take @TwilightAwards advice and save them. Just because they can't be displayed on the new site, doesn't mean I can't cherish them anyway.

Alright, I'm off to work on Chapter 12 (which I plan to have submitted to Twilighted by Saturday) before @GallifreyReject and @TwiCarolS start throwing things at me. :P

Con Amor Siempre,

Closer, Cold Desert Moves From FF.Net

Hola, my fellow Jacksonites!

It is I, Iris. Just wanted to let you all know that, due to the fuckery that's still taking place over at FF.Net, I'm moving Closer, Cold Desert to The Writer's Coffee Shop pretty soon. TWCS allows for all types of fan fics so there's no violation of their TOS. Also, for those of you who read C, CD on Twilighted, TWCS's format is almost identical. The benefit for writers is that we don't have to wait for our chapters to be validated. I haven't yet decided whether I'll remove C, CD from Twilighted and solely post it on TWCS yet. I'll keep you posted. :)

This blog will mainly serve as a place for me to rant and rave, when Twitter's 140 character limit doesn't allow me to do it there, as well as posting the C, CD Extra Goodies that I'll be transferring over from my FF.Net profile.

I will leave you all for now. I'm gonna finish uploading completed chapters to TWCS and continue writing Chapter 12.

Con Amor Siempre,